I’ve learned in life to make the little decisions with my head and the big decisions with my heart.

Biographical  Facts

Born : July 15, 1949 in St Ann, Jamaica
  • Resident in Barbados Since September 1974
  • Schools Attended: Bensonton Primary, Claremont Primary, Ferncourt High
  • Universities attended:  Bachelor’s (UWI Mona), University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA (Master’s),
  • Ph. D. (UWI Cave Hill), Harvard University, USA (Certificate)
  • Employment History Kingsway High School and  Immaculate Conception High School in Jamaica;
  • West St Joseph Secondary School and  Barbados Community College and University of the West Indies in Barbados
  • Academic Interest: Educational Leadership, Quality Assurance, Tertiary Education
  • Hobbies: Gardening, Cooking, Flower Arranging, Playing Piano, Writing, Photography
  • Other Qualifications:  Certified Life Coach, Diploma in Theology

Welcome to My Garden

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Serenity Prayer

About My Books

Books that I've written:

  • History of St Philip's Parish Church
  • History of Barbados Community College
  • History of Ferncourt High School
  • Finding Joy Series (Volumes 1 to 4)

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About The Author

Professor Emerita Vivienne Roberts

Vivienne Roberts (nee Green) was born in Alderton, St Ann, Jamaica. Some years after the death of her father in a tragic motor vehicular accident, her mother remarried and the family moved to Claremont, a town in St Ann. Her early life in rural Jamaica provided occasion, time, space and place for close interaction with nature. Undoubtedly, it is that place that nurtured in her, a deep love for gardening and a strong bond with the environment. Her mother’s piano playing and singing perhaps instilled in her a love for music and singing, which has kept her continuously involved in various choirs.

Very early in life, her maternal grandmother exposed her to the Baptist Church - its music and its values. At home, her grandmother modeled a spiritual life which included daily devotion, including the reading of the scriptures and praying aloud. As a child, Vivienne occasionally attended the Baptist Church with her. At other times, she went to services at the Methodist Church and attended Sunday School at the Apostolic Church, both of which were located near to her family home in Claremont. On becoming a teenager, her personal, spiritual search led her to Seventh Day Adventism and later to a brief teaching stint at Kingsway High School, a Seventh Day Adventist School in Kingston.

Vivienne attended Ferncourt High School, close to home in Claremont. A day pupil in what was then a Boarding School, she received a rounded education and established several important, life- long friendships, over those seven years. At school, there was exposure by the Chaplains to both Methodist and Anglican hymns and prayers. Therefore, it was not surprising that Vivienne left school, having acquired a familiarity with different Christian denominations, a love of the Sciences, an appreciation for English Literature, and a strong desire to become a teacher.

Her higher education began at the University of the West Indies, Mona where she studied Chemistry, Botany and Zoology, earning a Jamaica Government Exhibition and graduating with a first class honours degree.
For two years, she taught Advanced level Biology, Zoology and Botany at Immaculate Conception High School, a Catholic School in Jamaica. She has lived and worked in Barbados since 1974, beginning with a brief stint as a teacher at West St Joseph Secondary School. She joined the Barbados Community College staff in 1975 and served as assistant tutor, tutor and after 9 years, Head of the Division of Health Sciences.

In 1991, she moved on to The University of the West Indies (UWI), coordinating a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) - funded, Development Training Project for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. At the completion of that assignment, she worked for the newly established Tertiary Level Institutions Unit (TLIU) at UWI. In 2008, she was appointed as the first Deputy Principal of the newly established fourth UWI campus, The UWI Open Campus.

Her publications include articles, reports, monographs and books, in the areas of Higher Education, Quality Assurance and Educational Leadership. She was conferred with the title of Professor in 2009 and with the title of Professor Emerita, upon her retirement from UWI in 2014.

Vivienne’s postgraduate studies were in the area of Education and Education Leadership, both in the United States and at UWI. She is also a certified Strategic Intervention Coach. However, she has maintained a lifelong interest in English Literature, religion and the spiritual dimension of life. It is that interest that led her, on retirement, to pursue the Diploma in Theological Studies at Codrington College, and perhaps to the authorship of this current book.

In 1996, she joined the Anglican Church through confirmation at St. Philip’s Parish Church by Bishop Brome, having been prepared by Canon Paul Lashley. It was initially John Bryan’s musical talent and her joining the church choir that provided the gateway for her entry to the Anglican Church. No doubt, it was the rural setting and the wide open space that endeared her to St. Philip’s. Professor Roberts has a daughter, Dr. Natalie Roberts, and two grandchildren: Nyela and Nakari Farnum. This trio has brought her tremendous personal satisfaction, surpassing the pleasure she receives from the orchids, palms, crown of thorns and desert roses in her colourful garden.

- God’s remarkable gifts!