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Ferncourt High School 1938 – 2018

Ferncourt High School 1938 – 2018: A Story of Enterprise, Access and Opportunity harks back to my early life in rural Jamaica in a country that had been emancipated from slavery for just over a century. Through the agency of the schools and other institutions,   it  was in the process of reshaping  an inherited colonial  educational system  to meet its own aspirations and needs.    The perspective is from that of a child who experienced in the 1960s a small Jamaica High School in  the final days of its enterprising founder, Iris B Simpson; a teenager who learned a lot about life and school and opportunities under the watchful eyes of Principal O. S Fisher, and an adult who watched and felt the conservation and changes of the school through the eyes  of younger siblings, the words in correspondence, and the cameras of  newspapers. There is much more that can be discovered about educational institutions and education in a changing society,  from that book.

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Finding Joy (Volume 3) – In Retirement

In Volume 3 , playing with words gives as much joy as flying a kite. Events like a burglary cause doubt and fear. However, there are prospects of love and optimism about the future. Flight delays and misadventure is a feature of Caribbean life as illustrated in the story of Flight 408. The volume concludes with a whimsical prayer for foods, farmers, cooks and friends.

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