Finding Joy (Volume 4) – In Bereavement

In Volume 4 , there is joyful play about sounds, colours and mindless wanderings about yesterday , today and tomorrow. Depression and death interfere but perseverance,  smiles and sunsets work their magic. The conniving beggar and a playful astrological interpretation of life inject their own humour. The volume ends with a prayer of thanksgiving.  

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As you explore the visual and verbal messages in this series of books, I hope that at this specific season of life or on this specific occasion, some items in the collection will resonate with you, enlighten you about yourself and others and bring you joy. I trust also that somehow, within its pages, you will find a key that will help you to unlock hitherto closed emotional doors. I pray too that you will encounter a gem: my inspirational gift as you continue to navigate life’s convoluted journey. 

Volume 1 includes playful pieces about water in ponds, rivers and streams. In the valley there are experiences with rejection, disappointment and a strange dream. The Christmas season, the exercise routine and a vacation celebrate life on the mountain. The collection ends with thanks and appreciation for life – in the valley, on the plain or the mountain.

Volume 2 addresses wide ranging themes including a lighthearted play with words, The journey takes us to the valley through encounters with negative emotions and frustrations. However, there is much to celebrate on the mountain with a New Year, a new grandchild, the end of the rainy season and new memories. The Flower Vendor and Caribbean Cruise are stories reflecting the diversity of life in the Caribbean. They offer glimpses of geography, biodiversity and culture. Not surprisingly, the collection ends with a prayer of thanksgiving for all the experiences - on the plain, in the valley or on the mountaintop.

In Volume 3 , playing with words gives as much joy as flying a kite. Events like a burglary cause doubt and fear. However, there are prospects of love and optimism about the future. Flight delays and misadventure is a feature of Caribbean life as illustrated in the story of Flight 408. The volume concludes with a whimsical prayer for foods, farmers, cooks and friends.



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