History of St. Philip’s Parish Church 1640 – 2016

It is a story of the journey of an Anglican church in rural Barbados, in the parish of St Philip, within the framework of a  country going  through  phases of slavery, emancipation and independence. Though focused on that geographical reality, the social reality  could well apply to any country of the English Speaking Caribbean.


A History of St. Philip’s Parish Church 1640 – 2016 is a colourful story of the development of a church in rural Barbados through slavery, emancipation and independence. It recounts the lives and work of its priests and people; looks at the survival of the church in spite of hurricane and fire, and celebrates the resilience of a people through times of plenty and times of need.  The book recalls the experiences of living stalwarts of the church and weaves these into a tapestry, including information from documented reports and engaging photographic records over the years.

This is a story that will appeal to old and young Barbadians at home and abroad, Caribbean people at home or in the Diaspora, Anglicans and other Christians, persons of other religious faiths or none, avid readers or lovers of good photography. 

The book is distributed by the Barbados Museum and Historical Society (BMHS) and is available in the bookshop for Bds$100.


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